kid friendly ardmore airport & cafe

Ardmore Airport & Café

Ever since I can remember, this has been a favourite spot for my husband and I. It combines fresh air, airplanes, photography opportunities & good coffee. Always said to my husband, I would love to buy a hanger out there to create a weekend place 🙂 One can only dream aye?

So of course, when my son was born it became one of his favourite places. I still remember the day he saw his first airplane take off. It was priceless! 🙂

Even though things are way busier now with two kids, we always manage to make it out here at least once a month; even in winter!

You can stop once you come into the airport to watch the planes take off, land & even do touch-n-gos’. Great place to develop your photography skills (see what I did there? Develop? Haha yeah I’m hilarious).

The cafe on site, as you drive around a bit more, is great. They have a kids menu my kids will eat off, and are very accommodating (I’ve asked for the cheese & ham toastie to be a cheese & chicken for my little ones, and it’s been no problem) .
If you’re there for breakfast, be sure to try the pilots breakfast, and I LOVE that they do a peppermint hot chocolate! Staff are friendly, even to the kids 🙂

It can get pretty busy some weekends, especially when the DC3 is going up, but since you can watch, from the cafe deck, the planes go up, the kids are always occupied 🙂 There’s also a concreted area to the side of the cafe, as you enter, so that the kids can walk around whilst waiting.

If you have some time to kill during the weekdays, and are interested in old planes (Harvard’s etc), I’ve heard the Warbirds tour is pretty cool 🙂 Hope to take time out some week day, and take the kids in 🙂



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