• The Mum Funk

    The Mum Funk

    Hi I’m Varsh and I’m in a “mum funk”. It’s hard to explain what a “mum funk” is and even harder to know when you’re in one.  You’re just going about your normal routine business, and then BAM you’re in the middle of one. I guess that’s how it starts though – this “normal routine” business. As a mum staying in routine, for your kids sake and your sanity, becomes a big thing.  You know exactly what happens when – breakfast, naps, lunch, dinner, bed.  Yes, there are moments when routines are broken, usually by the kid, but we usually try to stick to one right? And, before you know…

  • Happy Mother's Day

    Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    By now your DH/OH/Kids have just figured out that it’s 5 shopping days (if you count today) before Mother’s Day.  FIVE! And, if you’re like me with 2 kids under 5, poor DH is sitting on the couch trying to remember any hints I would have possibly dropped in the last 17 years of things I like. Or better yet (amusing for me anyway 😛), he’s asking the kids what they would like to get for mum for Mother’s Day; which goes a little something like this – DH – So, what do you guys want to get mum for Mother’s Day? Master 4.5 – Mum would like the Mustang/Camaro/Stingray…

  • 20 Facts about Me

    20 Facts about Me

    Anyone else notice how fast time goes when you’re an adult? When you’re a kid, all you want to do is be older, but time seems to go so slowly.  As an adult you blink and you might miss something. Can you believe one month out of a year has almost gone past? Where did the time go? Oh yeah, feeding, bathing, entertaining 2 kids under 5 lol.  Not long till I can’t say that anymore – 2 kids under 5.  The way this year is already flying past I’ll have a 5 year old in no time 🙁 Before the whole year passes, I thought it’s probably an idea…


    A New Year, Growing up & Allergic Reactions

    Have you ever just looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself to seriously grow the f up? I’ve never been so mad at myself like I was on New Years Eve.   I should have been enjoying the last day of 2015 with my kids, instead I was sitting in a labtests office having yet another blood test that I hate. All because of a little vanity. Sigh. See, I’m not a girly girl. I don’t do my nails enough, don’t see the point when it scratches off 5 minutes later.  I don’t do make up, mainly cos I’ve never found foundation that suits my skin tone plus all…


    I HATE shopping

    That’s it. I give up! I hate shopping for clothes! For me, that is. I LOVE clothes shopping for my kids. I don’t go out shopping much with 2 kids bouncing around. It’s just not possible at times. But lately, nothing seems to fit right, or it looks like I’ve worn it a billion times. Ergh, so off we go shopping. My 2 main rants: Wwwhhhhyyy does EVERY shop need to follow the current trends? It’s either super tight or super loose (think Homer Simpson muumuu). Shiny fabric like you’re going clubbing later (Pfft not when my bedtime is by 10.30pm or I’m a zombie at 6am), or tshirt fabric…


    Two very scary words

    As parents of two under 5, and a ridiculous mortgage in Auckland, going out without the kids is somewhat non existent. Yes, we try n go out once in a while alone but at this stage, for us, we both prefer to do things with the kids. Parks, sightseeing, travelling; it’s all kids based. We figure we might as well make some great memories before they’re both teenagers and want to hang out with their friends rather than us oldies 🙂 Plus there’s always something to do, or someone sick, when you have kids. So over the last 4ish years, we’ve become slightly hermit-ish. Especially in those pregnancy months cos…