• Ring Video Doorbell Review INSM

    Ring Video Doorbell Review

    Lets face it.  Most of us mums have been here – the kid has FINALLY gone down for a nap, with only 30 minutes of protesting this time.  You’ve put the washing on, and have sat down to enjoy that cuppa before miss sunshine wakes, when the doorbell goes. Is it the courier with the much anticipated parcel for you, or is it the nosy neighbour down the street wanting a chat and who seems to sense that you’re behind the door checking who it is? Unfortunately for me, my kids don’t nap these days, so it’s usually me going to answer the door with a whinging tag along toddler…

  • Rosie's World

    Rosie’s World – A Farmtastic Educational Website

    As I wrote in a previous post, “Why Screen Time is Good for Kids“, one of the great things about pairing kids and technology these days is education. There’s no shortage of knowledge out on the Internet, but like any other parent, I’m always wary of Internet safety.  This week I was guided to a safe and fun NZ site (www.rosiesworld.co.nz) where kids could learn about dairying.  So I decided to let my 5 year old loose on the site and he had a blast!  I mean, we live in surburbia, so the chance of him even seeing a cow is highly impossible for the moment 😛 Rosie’s World introduces…

  • Why Screen Time is Good for Kids

    Why Screen Time is Good for Kids

    With both DH and I working in the tech industry for many years, and being major tech geeks, it comes as no surprise to anyone that knows us that as a household we are neck deep in tech devices.  I’ve lost count of how many computers, laptops, phones, tablets etc we have, and have had, in this house.  Despite being born in the 80s, when tech was expensive and not readily available, we both found a love of tech and electronics very very early on in our lives. Fast forward to our 30s, and we now have kids. Whilst we have definitely passed on our love of tech to our…

  • Webcam Search

    Search Engine for spying on Baby Monitors

    You may not have heard of Shodan, but Shodan users might be watching you.  Whaaa??? Alarmingly, if you have a baby cam, webcam or any other type of internet based camera in the house you may find your camera is visible on this search engine so that anybody, anywhere in the world is able to access that camera and see into your home. Shodan is a search engine for Internet connected devices, but it’s not just for cameras.   The site boasts that security systems, lighting, Smart TV’s and refrigerators, are all searchable with their site.   This search engine has a section of their website dedicated to unsecured webcams and allows…

  • The TV Debate

    The 2015 TV debate

    Ok, so I may be to blame for this debate. Maybe. Without totally thinking of the consequences, I may have mentioned to hubby that perhaps upgrading the TV, at some stage, would be nice. Something that would allow me to have lightbox or TV on demand on. Of course he took that to mean – buy a bigger better TV ASAP! sigh Our current TV we purchased when we first got married, some 8 years ago, for our shoebox sized house. So it’s not the latest thing on the block, and is probably a little too small for our new place. Shhhh don’t tell him I said that. So now,…