Banana Jam Recipe 0

Banana Jam Recipe

I’ll be honest; before I had kids, I hated bananas. Despite having banana trees in my parent’s garden as a child, the only way I’d ever eat one was just as it turned yellow...

Easy Dairy Free Scone Recipes 0

Easy Dairy Free Scones

I’ll start off by saying I’m TERRIBLE at making plain scones.  My previous attempts could, and should, have been classed as weapons or doorstops ; that’s how hard they were.  I’ve been told it’s...

Caprese Stick Canape 0

Day 5: Caprese Sticks

A great, easy, no-cook, make ahead, summer canapé.   Ingredients: Bite size Tomatoes (I’ve used grape or cherry) Cheese (Caprese generally uses mozzarella or bocconcini, but I’ve used camembert because its more readily available,...