Off the Shelf Canapé

Prawn Cucumber Cups 0

Day 11 : Prawn Cucumber Cups

After chocolate, seafood (prawns or shrimps usually) has to be one of my favourite food groups 😛 The spicier the better, hence the hot paprika.  Hot paprika isn’t always easy to get in New...

Apple Crumble 0

Day 10 : Apple Crumble

Apple crumble has to be one of my favourite desserts in winter.  Warm apple with a crunchy topping served with vanilla custard (or french vanilla ice cream! :P).  This is my canapé version –...

Asparagus Toast Canapé 0

Day 7 : Asparagus Toast

This canapé was enjoyed by almost everyone that I tried it on. I guess its a twist on the asparagus rolls that were once a familiar sight at any get together in NZ 🙂...