• Caramalised Paprika Pineapple

    Caramelised Paprika Pineapple

      When does a “set of instructions to make food” become a recipe?  Is it as soon as you have a set quantity for each ingredient or is it always considered a recipe? hmm… See I learnt to cook from my mum, and like any Indian cook I’ve seen, cooking is more about adding & testing ingredients whilst you taste.  So of course, it’s really hard to write a food blog post, when you don’t know exactly how it started in the first place lol Anyway, enough of my ramblings 😛 Caramelised Paprika Pineapple.. just the word caramelised can make one drool right? I mean nothing bad has ever come…

  • Creamy Nacho Pasta Salad

    Creamy Nacho Pasta Salad

    ​When it comes to food, I love experimenting! Thankfully, DH & the kids are normally quite adventurous too – just as well, as most of the cooking is done by moi 😀 Most of the time we do stick to the “normal” fare as it’s easier not to experiment when there’s a 5 year old & a 2 year ready to eat anything by the time dinner rolls around 😛  Sometimes though, especially during the weekends, I get to try out some of the things I’ve found in stores or have been sent.  So every so often on the blog, you’ll find a recipe for something not quite “the norm”…