• Texture Cafe Review

    Texture Café Review

    All parents have a favourite place to eat out with their kids. You know, the one place you don’t have to worry about your kids annoying anyone cos it’s so kid friendly and you’ve been there so many times that they know your kids by name? Sometimes though, just sometimes, you try and venture out and try a new place. Just like you did pre-kids. Sometimes it goes horribly badly and you vow never to take your kids out anywhere again. But sometimes, it goes well and you add that place to the list. For us, our Tuesday brunch out for our anniversary, was part of the latter 🙂 Texture…

  • kid friendly ardmore airport & cafe

    Ardmore Airport & Café

    Ever since I can remember, this has been a favourite spot for my husband and I. It combines fresh air, airplanes, photography opportunities & good coffee. Always said to my husband, I would love to buy a hanger out there to create a weekend place 🙂 One can only dream aye? So of course, when my son was born it became one of his favourite places. I still remember the day he saw his first airplane take off. It was priceless! 🙂 Even though things are way busier now with two kids, we always manage to make it out here at least once a month; even in winter! You can…