Lunchbox Days – An Introduction

It hit me, finally some might say, that my son is 4! Now less than a year till he can start school.

So far making and feeding him lunch has been pretty simple. I make lunch just before lunchtime, and we eat it. On kindy days, I don’t need to make him lunch as it’s all included in the fees that we pay weekly. It suddenly struck me that I need to be able to make and pack lunches that he can store in his school bag for half a day before he, hopefully, eats it.

When I was growing up, lunches were made by mum that morning before we had to be at school at 7am. We got sandwiches with the occasional treat thrown in for good measure 🙂 Mainly a curry, cooked freshly that morning, between slices of bread. I have no idea how my mother ever did that! I’m lucky if I can string two words together that early in the morning, let alone cook a curry! Lunches were always yum tho! (Thanks ma if you ever read this!!). Best part of the day really.

And that’s what I want for my lunchboxes; something the kids can look forward to; without having to be up at 3am to do them 🙂

So thus was born the Lunchbox Days feature. Every Monday & Friday I will be featuring his lunchbox, as packed by me (possibly with his help), hopefully packed the night before as my hubby says his lunch was. Best of both worlds aye.

Soooo any hints? 🙂 Am I going in over my head?

Disclaimer: I’m a mean mummy. I don’t cut crusts of bread. I don’t cut sandwiches into cute shapes. I hate wastage. I put stuff in that’s relatively healthy, but do include a treat.



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