Two very scary words

As parents of two under 5, and a ridiculous mortgage in Auckland, going out without the kids is somewhat non existent. Yes, we try n go out once in a while alone but at this stage, for us, we both prefer to do things with the kids. Parks, sightseeing, travelling; it’s all kids based. We figure we might as well make some great memories before they’re both teenagers and want to hang out with their friends rather than us oldies 🙂 Plus there’s always something to do, or someone sick, when you have kids.

So over the last 4ish years, we’ve become slightly hermit-ish. Especially in those pregnancy months cos who really wants to make small talk when all you want to do is lie down or puke. These days we see our friends once in a while and that works for me, as they know me and have known me for any many years. So they’re not gonna be talking behind my back about how much weight I’ve put on, or how my clothes are such mum clothes or from last decades fashion (seriously who has time for makeup or fashion when you know your kids don’t care as long as your dressed when you come down to feed them breakfast). Anyway, I digress..

So hubby text today. Two of my least favourite words.


Over the last few years, we’ve (read I) managed to get out of this cos my kids are too young or I’ve been pregnant. This year no such luck! Dammit

So now I’ve got to put down the peanut Tim Tam’s, and work on pushing those last 10kgs off me. Been working on this for a while but it’s been a slow process. I started at 82kg at the beginning of the year and now stand (somehow) at 77kg. Cos I’m short (165cm), bmi reckons I should be around 52-68kg I think, which I think is too little for me at the lower end. So my goal is to get closer to 65kg before Christmas.

Guess this is just the push I need 🙂 Wish me luck!

Damn you Arnotts for making peanut Tim Tam’s now…….

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