• MudMates Swim Bag Review

    MudMates Swim Bag Review

    I love almost everything about summer! The long days of sunshine, the warmth, the easy bbq dinners – the list can go on and on 😃  There are some things though I could do without – in particular, school summer sports 😥 It’s not that I don’t like my kids getting out there and tiring themselves out 😝, but it’s the endless nagging that comes with kids taking more stuff to school.   See, Alex started his first full year of school this year.  So he started the year with a bag, a book bag, a lunchbox and a water bottle.  At least 90% of the time, we forget at…

  • BabyBanz Noise Reducing Earmuffs Review INSM

    BabyBanz Noise Reducing Earmuffs Review

    Ever since I first met DH, we had a mutual interest in flying & planes – in particular WW2 era warbirds.  There is really nothing quite like sitting at our favourite spot at Ardmore, drinking coffee, listening & watching the planes go out & around. If we’re lucky we often got to see the WW2 era warbirds going out on flights. Fast forward a decade, or so 😝, and we’ve definitely passed on this interest to both our kids.  I still remember the first time my son saw a plane take off and the look of utter amazement on his face.  His favourite plane has always been the yellow Harvard…

  • 6 Tried Tested Ways to Soothe a Child's Cough

    6 Tried & Tested Ways to Soothe a Child’s Cough

    Eventually you get to a stage in your adult life, where you can say, great I’ve had every cold there is and I’ve gained immunity so I should get only one a year (if that).   That is, until you have kids! In order for them to build up their immunity they, of course, will pick up EVERY cold & cough known to man! Well it sure feels that way! Which usually means you might too 😞  Unfortunately for my kids, they seem to have picked up my ability to keep the cough way after the cold is done.   If you’re that mum who is being driven crazy by…

  • Ring Video Doorbell Review INSM

    Ring Video Doorbell Review

    Lets face it.  Most of us mums have been here – the kid has FINALLY gone down for a nap, with only 30 minutes of protesting this time.  You’ve put the washing on, and have sat down to enjoy that cuppa before miss sunshine wakes, when the doorbell goes. Is it the courier with the much anticipated parcel for you, or is it the nosy neighbour down the street wanting a chat and who seems to sense that you’re behind the door checking who it is? Unfortunately for me, my kids don’t nap these days, so it’s usually me going to answer the door with a whinging tag along toddler…

  • FunScreen Sunscreen - Ready for the Sun

    FunScreen Sunscreen Review

    ​Growing up in South Africa us kids never really bothered about sunscreen for a few reasons.  One, we were already brown, so going from light brown to darker brown in summer wasn’t really an issue lol. Two, any sunscreen we might have had would have been sweated off faster than you could apply it. And three, most importantly, the sun didn’t burn you like it does in New Zealand. With New Zealand having some of the harshest sun conditions, and the highest rate of melanomas, sunscreen really is a must though, so I definitely wouldn’t encourage doing the same as I did 🙂  It is for these reasons that I…

  • WOOP - Chicken Roulade

    World On Our Plate Review

    ​If you’ve been on my Facebook or Instagram lately, you’ll know something major has happened in the imnotsupermum household in the last few weeks. No I’m not pregnant (hell no! Lol), my big boy has turned 5 and has started school! Waaaa! Like a lot of mums I know, I am not a morning person. So add making lunches and homework to the already long list of things to do before leaving home at 8.15AM, and I’m a blabbering mess at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, dinner can’t be magically pulled out of the fridge/freezer (I’ve tried) and takeaways every night just seemed a bit ridiculous and not entirely…