Valentine's Day 2016

What this Mum really wants for Valentine’s Day

DH & I have never really been big on Valentine’s Day & we’ve been together (counts in head) 16 Valentine’s Days.  So sitting here on the day before Valentines, I’m not expecting anything different than any other day.  Which, to be honest, is almost exactly what I want 🙂  I say almost, as like most mums I know, the following in no particular order would not go amiss:

  • A sleep in – I’m not a morning person,  AT ALL,  and if you count the almost 9 months I was pregnant with master 4, I’ve had more early mornings than I like.
  • Peace (& Quiet) – World peace would be great, but to be honest, at this point in time I’d settle for peace & quiet in my house.  There’s only so much poking at each other I can take from my kids.
  • Private time – Even if it’s just 5 minutes in the bathroom without someone going Mummmmmmm.. The ability to finish the book I started 6 months ago would be great! 🙂
  • FIY (Find It Yourself) – If I can spend at least 1 day without hearing “Hun, Where’s ….” or “Mummmm, where’s …”, that’ll be great.  The deal is I’m here to make sure everyone is fed & healthy.  Beyond that you’re on your own.  Just ask my dead houseplants, it’s a miracle I’ve got this far :p Even if it’s just for one day, help each other look for it!
  • A HOT cuppa – I’d like to start a hot drink and finish it whilst it’s hot.  Without putting it down to rescue someone or do something for someone else – which brings me to
  • Dirty Nappies – For once, I’d like to NOT have to do a dirty nappy. Don’t get me wrong, DH is great with wet nappies.  Moment it’s code brown however, he’s outta there!


So, what would you add?


P.S.  All jokes aside, boys ‘n girls, Valentine’s Day is just one day a year in the scheme of things – what you do the rest of the days is more important 🙂




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