April Fools Day

April Fools Day Kid-Friendly Pranks

Let’s face it, becoming an adult isn’t everything you thought it would be. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have bubblegum ice cream and chocolate for every meal, I don’t spend my days playing games, riding my bike everywhere or reading every book I could get my hands on.  Unfortunately, when you do actually become an adult most of what you thought you’d do and become, may not be what you actually do or become.  Society expects you to act like every adult before you, and around you, does.

Unless, it’s April Fools Day! Lol. Sure, dad’s can get away with acting like one of the kids most days, even in public.  Mum’s, in my experience anyway, seem to have to be the adult one. There’s no acting silly, armpit fart orchestra, running down trolley ramps, play fighting (in public anyway! Lol I always find play fighting with master 4.5 fun!).

So, when it’s April Fools Day, the kids least expect it *evil laugh*.  Since my kids are quite young, this year is the first April Fools Day we will be able to do anything 😛 And, here’s what I have planned so far 😛


Colour Changing Milk

Green Cereal - Kid Friendly April Fools Day
Green Cereal – Kid Friendly April Fools Day

Pop a few drops of food colouring in the bottom of their breakfast cereal bowl.  Cover with their cereal.  When you go to pour their milk in at the table, the food colouring will change the colour of the milk.  Even funnier (for you anyway), when you act like nothing’s happening 😛



Jelly Juice

Now this one will require some work before hand.  Buy a pack of jelly and some straws.  Mix up the jelly as per the packet instructions.  Pour into glasses and set in the fridge as per normal.  Once it has set halfway, push in the straw & leave to set fully.

Jelly Drinks - Kid Friendly April Fools Day
Jelly Drinks – Kid Friendly April Fools Day

Once the kids arrive home from school or kindy, or even in the morning if you’ve bought orange jelly :P, ask the kids if they’d like a drink of juice.  Try to keep a straight face, until the jig is up 😛 Enjoy some jelly with the kids 🙂


Holey Drink Bottle

For this you’ll need an empty fizzy drink bottle.  With a tiny needle, poke a few tiny holes in the bottle.  Fill with water, or if you’re really feeling it, some water coloured with food colouring to look like the fizzy drink.  Leave on the bench.  When someone tries to pickup the bottle, the pressure of their hand on the bottle will squirt water through the holes onto them 😛  This one isn’t great if you’re the one doing the clean up though, but a great prank for the kids to play on dad 😛


I’m sure there are many many more pranks out there, but a lot of them required a lot more clean up time in the end by mum; like short sheeting the bed,or plastic wrapping the toilet :P; and I already have too much to do without adding more on my plate 😛  I also think pranks should be harmless & no one should get hurt 🙂


What pranks have you played on your kids? Have they ever pranked you successfully?? I’d love to know!




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