Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression

There comes a point in a parents life, when you look yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself WHY will my child not sleep?!?!?!

If your child is a preschooler & you haven’t done this yet, congratulations.   Chances are though, you’ve hit this blog page cos you’ve had sleeplessness nights with said child, and now have asked Dr Google.

Sleep Regression happens at various stages of infant and toddler life.  It’s when your child decides sleeping is for the plebs, and despite having nothing apparent wrong with them, will not sleep.   It’s not because they wake from a wet nappy or hunger or teething or tummy issues. It’s just that they hate seeing mummy and daddy sleep.  Hehe, no, in all seriousness it is a bit more involved that than.   “Experts” say it’s either a physical growth spurt or because their minds are so busy and active trying to work out the next new thing for them; like crawling or walking or, in my current case with miss toddler, talking.

There are more than a few periods of sleep regression, some worse than others.   The general expectation for sleep regression is :

6 weeks
4 months
8/9/10 months
11/12 months
18 months (this is me 😐 albeit at 16 months)
2 years

Now, like anything in parenting, this isn’t an exact timing.  Some children experience it earlier and for longer periods, whilst others go through it a little later and may not be affected as much.  I have no idea in the latter, as both my kids were the earlier and longer type.   Well definitely earlier, it feels like eternity when you’re going through it.   Until, you’re through it and carry on with life as normal till the next time it hits.   So those times are an educated average just to keep you on your toes.

Can you stop it? I think every parent has probably tried, but unfortunately as we want our kids to grow up and be proper self-sufficient adults, they need to go through these stages in life.

So, whilst the lack of sleep is probably killing you like it is I, just remember – This too shall pass.  They probably, hopefully, won’t be doing this as teenagers….

Good luck! And, remember if you have any questions on this or anything else parenting, feel free to join the team on Facebook.



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