There's no turning back now - Skechers 6k

#FreshStart – There’s no turning back now…

12 months ago I started on a journey.  A journey to get fitter & healthier, not only for the sake of my family, but because I needed to do something for myself.  I won’t lie, whilst dropping the kg’s wasn’t on the top of the list, it was definitely on the list.  Like a lot of people on this journey, I started off all gung-ho with the best plans in mind, and like a lot of people I faltered along the way.  I am proud to say though, that the majority of plans I started out with, is still in place today.


2 months ago, I got the opportunity to join Nikki from MisFitNZ on her Happier, Fitter, Healthier Challenge.  I’ll admit I was hesitant at first.  I mean doing it on my own I only had myself to answer to.  Doing it with other people.. well that was a different story.  All I was picturing was like those boot camp reality shows where the person in charge is made out to be a tyrant! Lol.  Thankfully Nikki is nothing like that.  At the beginning of the challenge, the rules are set.  Nikki gives you a checklist of what to stick to, and she asks for your input for what you want out of this program.  For some, it’s to lose weight.  For others, it’s to gain weight.  But for all of us, the main goals are to get happier, fitter & healthier.  To get to these ultimate goals, we did need to put a plan in place.


For me, it was to stick to the low carb way for eating, increasing my water intake & achieving 10k+ steps (measured on my fitbit).  I’d like to say it was a walk in the park, but there were times when I could have eaten a whole 2l tub of ice cream whilst sitting on the couch for the day.  But of course, a goal is a goal & I need to prove to myself I could do this.  I’m also about enjoying life tho, so that 2l tub was a small serve every once in a while 😛  Getting better at this #willpower thing 😛  For my progress so far, check out my last 2 months of posts 🙂


It might be my more analytical brain, but I need a way to do quantify whether the output is being achieved by the input.  In other words, I want to know if what I’m doing is working 😛  Whilst weight and size can be measured by a scale & measurements, getting fitter & healthier isn’t quite as easily assessed.  So at the beginning of this challenge, I made a half-arsed goal to walk the Auckland Half Marathon 😛 (Yeah, told you I’m crazy).  Considering the challenge started on the 11th September, I soon reassessed that goal to do the Skechers 6K.  I figured if I did 10k+ steps, every day I’d be closer to achieving that goal.  Right?


And, there’s no going back now 😛  This Sunday I will be walking (yes, walking – ain’t no one wants to see me running haha), the Skechers 6k.  I paid for my ticket this week, after procrastinating for some time 😛 I honestly don’t know if I’m ready, but I figure like a lot of things I’ve done in life, we will see at the end.


Are you doing the Skechers 6k or 12k this weekend?  Good luck if you are!  If you see me, say hi!