#FreshStart Week 2 Update

#FreshStart Week 2 Update

To be honest, #freshstart week 2 was HARD! You know in the cartoons when the character is so hungry, that everyone around them turns into food? Yeah well that was kinda me.. Not that I was hungry, far from it infact, but it was like every biscuit or muffin or chocolate was calling my name. Lol.

Btw, I’m nowhere near saintly when it comes to food.  There’s no way you’d see me exchanging chocolate for cacao nibs or yelling from the rooftops about chia smoothie breakfast bowls – not that I’m saying it’s bad if you do, but I’m just saying it’s not for me.  I’m all about moderation & enjoying good food 😄 Over the last couple of  years, I’ve figured out what works for me in terms of what to eat.  So whilst it may work for me, it may not for the next person.

So anyway, this time when the week 2 cravings hit, I had a few tricks up my sleeve which seemed to work 😄  so yay, we made it through week 2 without scoffing down that 2l of ice cream sitting in the freezer 😝

Exercise wise, I managed to stick to my target of 10k steps a day! It’s definitely getting easier to do so, and I’m finding I’m not as tired as the first week.  The legs aren’t as sore as when I started, which is good.  I’ve also started adding a bit of upper body light weight training to the mix, so a bit sore there (not that it matters to the 3 year old who wants to be picked up 😒).

Likewise, getting my water intake up seems to going well 😄 Now managing to do 3 x 750ml bottles easily, and starting a fourth before the end of the day.  I have added a magnesium/potassium/sodium supplement to my daily routine too.

Oh btw, if you’re interested, #FreshStart Week 2 ended with an additional 900gm weight loss, bringing the total to 3.5Kgs since I started the program 😀  Yes, it wasn’t the 2.6Kg of last week, but that’s alright with me 🙂

Starting week 3, I’m expecting the food cravings to lessen (fingers crossed).  Weirdly, you’d think Fridays or the weekend would the hardest time for me, but I’m finding Monday’s terrible 😕  Once the week’s on a roll, there’s so much to do I really don’t notice it.  I’m also expecting that I would add more weight exercise to the mix, probably targeting the  abdominal/tummy areas – after 2 kids I’m not sure there are abs there anymore but we’ll see 😄

So how’d you get through the week? What’s the plan for next week? 😄