A Good Day for a FreshStart

It’s a Good Day for a #FreshStart

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how much I dislike winter.  Not because of how cold it is (tbh it could be even a little warmer and less wet!), but because of all the bugs it seems to bring with it.  It’s only when you actually become a parent, that you can appreciate how many bugs you didn’t pick up as an adult.  It sometimes seems that kids pickup each and every bug there is, and as the caring sharing souls they are, pass it on to you.


After weeks of either being nurse or patient or both at once, in the mental fog that comes with lack of sleep, that I decided that this Spring was going to be a turning point for me.  Yeah I’m not sure what’s in that cough mixture, but I figured this Spring was going to be the start of a better, fitter, stronger me.  And I was taking hubby with me *evil laugh*


In my teens I played every sport I could.  I ran for the fun of it (boy has that changed!).  And of course, I ate like a typical teenager in the 90s I’m embarrassed to say 😝  So fast forward a decade or so… Well maybe a little more than that.. And after barely any exercise as a web developer (working on my hacker tan you see 😝), eating like I was still a teenager, fertility issues, 2 completed pregnancies (one with GDM), 2 kids who hated sleeping, well.. You can see where this is going.. The weight had not so magically appeared and I was definitely not fit at all!


So at the end of last year, I changed my habits.  I started eating 80% LCHF and walking more with the kids.  I joined the 24hr gym & went 3-4 days a week. And it worked well for sometime – that is until winter arrived, along with comfort food & rain.  Into hiberation I went.  And everything that was going so well, dropped to the sidelines.  If you’ve actually got this far reading this, you know what I mean about the lack of willpower winter brings 😝


So I’ve made a plan and I’m hoping you can help me out – and if you’re in the same boat, we can help each other out.  Cos that’s what mates do right?




So before I tell you more about my plans, it kinda makes sense to tell you more about what I want to achieve right? So we know we’re on the same page, and we can help each other out.


Firstly, and most importantly to me, I want to be fitter.  For me, that’s the ability to run around with my 2 monkeys and not get out of breath and tired before them.  It’s being able to say yes to doing  things that require a lot of energy than I expend currently.  The current plan isn’t about running marathons or climbing mountains – it may one day but not today.


I want to be able to cure my stomach issues.  I currently take losec and have been for about ten years.  Starting at a dose of 2 tabs a day, I’ve managed to bring that down to 1 a week, unless I’ve eaten something I know disagrees with me.  In my last try at LCHF I found this woe helped SO much with not feeling like I needed the medication.


Of course, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that losing weight would be one of my top goals.  For me though, it’s not about BMI or how much actual weight I want to lose.  It’s not about having a “beach body” – I have a body, I like the beach, I’m going no matter what.  I do have a goal weight of what I did weigh, and it is a long term goal.  The extra weight didn’t just hop on, so I don’t expect it to drop off in a hurry either.  I do hate clothing shopping tho, mainly because it sucks going shopping to fit nothing nice, so for now, I’m just wanting to fit the clothes I want to fit.  Catch my next update post to see what my starting stats are 😄


Right.. So here goes..



  • Eat Right.  Getting back on the LCHF WOE for at least 90% of my meals.  Last time around this helped so much with the mental fogginess, the tummy issues, and whilst I didn’t lose alot of weight I definitely saw a change in the way my clothes fit.
  • Drink more water.  This one is kinda obvious.  Not easy though.  I have no problem reminding my kids to drink water but somehow this doesn’t apply to me? Of course by the time I remember that I haven’t had enough water, it’s later in the evening which means early morning loo breaks.. *getting older..sigh*
  • Exercise.  Now with a gym membership & better weather coming up, you’d think this would be easy right? Hahaha.  So this is where the second crazy thing I did whilst in that no sleep fog, came about.  Nikki from MisFitNZ, who had previously guest blogged for me, was looking for someone to trial her Happier, Fitter, Healthier 12 Week program.  And I applied.  And I got in.. After my WHATHAVEIDONE moment, I figured this was probably for the better tbh.  See, willpower when you have 2 kids doesn’t come easy.  When you spend most of the day arguing with a 3 year old, the easiest person to give into, is yourself.  And hubby, whilst he does try, isn’t the best at being a hardarse 😝 Plus I’m not the easiest person to convince to do something 😁  So I’m not sure whether Nikki knows what she’s getting into, but I’ll apologise now Nikki for things I say when my muscles hurt 😂


More information on Nikki’s programme can be found here, and I’d love it if you’d join us – either online like me, or if you’re lucky enough to be in Tauranga to go to Nikki’s actual classes.


I’ll be posting weekly starting from next week, on my plan progress and I hope you’ll join me in making a fitter, stronger you.  Who’s with me?