#FreshStart Week 6,7,8 Update

#FreshStart Catchup (Week 6,7 & 8)

So, I’ll be honest, whilst the last couple of weeks have been super busy, it’s been kinda boring too.  If you’ve been on the imnotsupermum facebook or instagram pages, you’ll see that I had a couple of dentists appointments. Blergh.  I really really dislike going to the dentist.  I’m not sure why.  I’m sure they are lovely people 🙂 A few months ago, I cracked an existing filling from about 10-15 years ago, and rather than go fix it (remember I hate the dentist?), I opted to wait and see what happens.  What happened was it got painful! Like worse than childbirth painful! And, I’ve had 2 kids – one without any painkillers (really not my choice there tbh! :P).  So I had to go get it fixed – 3 appointments later, 1 root canal, and not much change left in the wallet, it was all fixed 🙂


So, in some ways my #freshstart was on a slight go slow.  Eating wise, I was doing brilliantly, lol.  By now, I’d learnt what to eat, and had stopped utterly craving the sweet stuff.   Of course, having dental surgery kinda puts a hold on eating alot.  I truely wouldn’t suggest going down this route though, cos eating meals made entirely of what would pass as baby food is not something to look forward to 😛


Once I’d had my intial appointment, I was able to get back on top of my water intake.  Week 6 had been barely bearable with the pain & drinking anything hot or cold was like sticking daggers into my gums.  In Week 8, I’m finally getting my 3 bottles of water in again 🙂


Exercise wise, I’ve still managed to continue with 10k+ steps a day – That’s 8 weeks of 10k steps a day!!! Go Me! 🙂  Some days it was harder to achieve, especially the dental appointment days as I had to factor in lying in the dentist chair instead of walking 😛  In Week 8, I’ve managed to do a few exercise routines as well, and my abs (ha! abs) have stopped hurting so much.  I must be doing something right tho, as you remember those size 10 mum jeans I spoke about in my first post? Well they fit! 😀


Going forward, I’m doing quite well on the low carb diet I chose to follow, so will continue to do this.  Lately, I’ve been finding by the end of the night, I’m not utterly exhausted by doing 10k steps so have been getting to around 12k steps more frequently.  Some days are better than others obviously 🙂


I do have some news later in the week, but I will keep you posted 😉 – hopefully I don’t chicken out 😛


How’s your #freshstart going?  Hope you’re still on track! 🙂