• Apricot, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark

    Apricot, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark

    Let’s face it – even on a low carb diet I want some treats 😝  This hits the spot perfectly, and there aren’t too many carbs… As long as you don’t devour the whole thing in one sitting 😂   You can use any combination of seeds and dried fruit.  I just chose this combination as it’s lower carb, but have done it with dried cranberries before and it’s A+.  Again, with the chocolate I chose to use 72% Dark Ghana chocolate, but you can use milk or darker depending on how “healthy” you want to be 😃   Ingredients: 1 x 250g 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana Chocolate bar Half…

  • Dippy Chocolate Easter Eggs

    Sweet Soft Boiled Chocolate Easter Eggs

    There’s no doubt about it, with Easter eggs on sale straight after Valentine’s Day we must consume ALOT of chocolate before Easter even hits the calendar month.  With the current trend of making cheesecakes, coffee & hot chocolates in Easter eggs I thought I’d add this to the mix 🙂  A slightly healthier version of Easter eggs for breakfast 😛   I used standard hollow (hunting) eggs and regular yoghurt but you can always substitute dark chocolate/dairy free hollow Easter eggs and coconut/soy yoghurt to make a dairy free version.  The dippers / soldiers I used wafer biscuits but if you were so inclined sticks of French toast would be…

  • Eggy Road - Easter Rocky Road

    Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road

    Rocky Road – A perfect sweet treat, perfect size for a lunchbox, made with just about anything you want to throw in 🙂  In my Easter version – Eggy Road, I’ve added in Marshmallow & speckled eggs to “easter-fy” it 😛 Of course, you can leave out the nuts if you want it nut-free, use a darker chocolate base if you’re brave enough (I’ve heard Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana is pretty good), or change up any of the ingredients.   Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road Ingredients: 2 x King Size Blocks Whittaker’s 50% Cacao Dark Block 1/2 cup marshmallows 1/2 cup speckled eggs 8 jelly snakes 1/2 cup Maltesers…

  • Easter Chocolate Bark

    Easter Chocolate Bark Recipe

    The best part of the beginning of every year is how much chocolate I get to eat 😛  First its Valentine’s Day, then my birthday and then EASTER! And, who doesn’t love Easter chocolate! Speckled eggs, marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunnies.  These days the sales for Easter chocolate seem to start earlier & earlier, which is great for a chocoholic like me 😛 This is a great recipe to use up any “left-over” chocolate eggs (haha, yeah I know right? left-over?).   Ingredients: 1 King Size block Whittaker’s White Chocolate half cup of speckled eggs half cup of M&M speckled eggs rainbow sprinkles   Method: Pop 3/4 of the block of…

  • Whittaker's Kiwi Easter Egg

    Easter 2016 Giveaway – Whittaker’s Kiwi Easter Egg

    Win with imnotsupermum.com – 2 lucky winners will receive a Whittaker’s Kiwi Easter Egg of their preference (as stated on their Instagram entry).   TO ENTER: 1.  Follow I’m NOT SuperMum on Instagram 2.  Like the competition photo on Instagram 3.  Comment with whether you would prefer the MILK or DARK chocolate kiwi. 3.  Tag a friend, each on a new line – every tag counts as an entry 🙂 Open WORLDWIDE.  Competition closes at 11pm 21/03/2016 NZDT.     *** TERMS: Two winners will be chosen at random.  Each winner will receive 1 Whittaker’s Kiwi Easter Egg of their preference (MILK or DARK).  The prize will be sent to…

  • Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

    Day 12: Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

    I’m not usually a fan of both strawberries or watermelon.  Frankly, I think watermelon just tastes like nothing 😛 Add chocolate to both of these however, and they weren’t too bad.  The kids of course ate it all up – wish they’d eat their dinners as fast 😛 This canapé is kinda like a modern twist on the chocolate fondue.  There’s fruit, marshmellows and chocolate involved, & these make a great kids party dessert or even just a light dessert after dinner.   Ingredients: Fruit – I’ve used strawberries, watermelon & green grapes.  You can of course use any fruit you like but these were in season at the time…