• Chocolate Mousse Fruit Dip

    Day 8 : Chocolate Mousse Fruit Dip

    Chocolate & fresh fruit – the two things my kids are guaranteed to eat without any fuss.  A great party food, shared lunch for school or even just dessert 🙂   Ingredients: Strawberries Kiwifruit Banana Greggs Rich Chocolate Mousse Mix (will need 1 cup of milk)   Method: Prepare the chocolate mousse mix as per the instructions on the packet.  I’ve used lactose free milk. Decant into a serving bowl. Wash, & cut into smaller pieces, the strawberries, kiwifruit & banana. Use food picks to serve the cut fruit, with the chocolate mousse as a dip.   Enjoy! 🙂   Note: As with all my 12 days of Canapés recipes,…

  • Double Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

    Double Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

    Ok, so I love cooking & baking. Especially baking.  Got something sweet to make, I’m your girl!  But, with 2 kids, and everything that comes with two kids, my time in the kitchen has come down to the “necessary” only.  So I LOVE recipes that have only a few ingredients, and/or allow me to make something with minimal fuss and effort. Even better if I can use ingredients off the shelf to create something that would take more ingredients and time than I have, but still look great 🙂  This double chocolate brownie cheesecake is just that.   Ingredients: 1 box Edmonds Cafe Style Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie (you’ll also…