Dippy Chocolate Easter Eggs

Sweet Soft Boiled Chocolate Easter Eggs

There’s no doubt about it, with Easter eggs on sale straight after Valentine’s Day we must consume ALOT of chocolate before Easter even hits the calendar month.  With the current trend of making cheesecakes, coffee & hot chocolates in Easter eggs I thought I’d add this to the mix 🙂  A slightly healthier version of Easter eggs for breakfast 😛


I used standard hollow (hunting) eggs and regular yoghurt but you can always substitute dark chocolate/dairy free hollow Easter eggs and coconut/soy yoghurt to make a dairy free version.  The dippers / soldiers I used wafer biscuits but if you were so inclined sticks of French toast would be brilliant in this 🙂


What you need:

  • hollow eggs
  • plain or vanilla yoghurt to fill the eggs
  • peaches for the egg yolk (I used tinned)
  • a sharp knife
  • hot water
  • a blender to puree the peaches


What to do:

  • Cut the tops of the Easter eggs using the sharp knife.  The easiest way is to dip the knife first into the hot water to warm it up, prior to cutting the chocolate.
  • Fill with yoghurt almost to the top.
  • Puree the peaches using the blender.
  • Place a little pureed peach into the top of the vanilla yoghurt to resemble the egg yolk.
  • Plate & Enjoy 🙂