Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

Day 12: Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

I’m not usually a fan of both strawberries or watermelon.  Frankly, I think watermelon just tastes like nothing 😛 Add chocolate to both of these however, and they weren’t too bad.  The kids of course ate it all up – wish they’d eat their dinners as fast 😛

This canapé is kinda like a modern twist on the chocolate fondue.  There’s fruit, marshmellows and chocolate involved, & these make a great kids party dessert or even just a light dessert after dinner.



  • Fruit – I’ve used strawberries, watermelon & green grapes.  You can of course use any fruit you like but these were in season at the time 🙂
  • Whittakers dairy milk chocolate
  • Ice cream cones (cups)
  • Mini marshmellows – I’ve use the Ma Baker mini heart sprinkles (only because I found them & thought they were too cute)



  • Melt the Whittakers dairy milk chocolate – either by stove top (bain marie style) or by microwave
  • Once liquid, dip the top of the ice cream cups into the chocolate.  Place the cones into the fridge to set, and set aside any left over chocolate to be used as a drizzle on the finished canapé.
  • Cut the fruit into smaller pieces, appropriately sized to fit into the ice cream cone.
  • Once the chocolate on the cones has set, you’re ready to serve.


Enjoy! 🙂



  • As with all my 12 days of Canapés recipes, the ingredients are just a list of all the products I used to do this.  Feel free to chop & change for your favourite brands 🙂
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