I HATE shopping

That’s it. I give up! I hate shopping for clothes! For me, that is. I LOVE clothes shopping for my kids.

I don’t go out shopping much with 2 kids bouncing around. It’s just not possible at times. But lately, nothing seems to fit right, or it looks like I’ve worn it a billion times. Ergh, so off we go shopping.

My 2 main rants:

Wwwhhhhyyy does EVERY shop need to follow the current trends? It’s either super tight or super loose (think Homer Simpson muumuu). Shiny fabric like you’re going clubbing later (Pfft not when my bedtime is by 10.30pm or I’m a zombie at 6am), or tshirt fabric that looks like it would fall apart at first wash. And I want to buy jeans, not shorts or 3/4 pants (which are practically full length on me). Yes, I know it’s summer. Now I’m not talking designer stores, but just your regular mall shops. Surely, there must be shops that aren’t clones of everyone else, but I don’t need to sell a kidney to shop at??

Secondly, and more importantly, can someone please write the equivalent of an IEEE document for clothing sizes!!! First shop, I’m a size 12 jeans Yay! Next shop, I’m an 18. Next I’m an 14. Seriously, same cut, different shop. Unless my arse grew in the 2 min walk next door, I don’t think so. And don’t get me started on tops. I have boobs. Unfortunately, this means 80% of the stuff in shops look ridiculous on me.

Sigh. Ok, now I NEED that bag of peanut m&ms I’ve hidden for the next 21 days. Anyone know where I put it?

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