#FreshStart Week 5 Update

#FreshStart Week 5 Update

If I told you #freshstart week 5 didn’t go as planned, I’d be lying 😝 To be honest, it was all in the plans to take a slight rest, eating wise anyway, because we were on holiday.  For us, holidays are about rest, relaxation & experiences – this includes trying new foods 😄

So the beginning of the week started off well enough, despite it being that one week of the month you either love or hate to see (depending on your time of life lol).  Eating habits were still solid, even if it took every ounce of willpower to not inhale that king size bar of chocolate 😝  Steps were a little harder to get because I get so tired, but I did get 10k again everyday. Go me! 😃

On Thursday we left for our family trip to Rotorua, and this is where willpower gets a bit hazy lol.  I did manage stick to relatively low carb for day 1 & day 2 – much higher than normal but not back to my old ways 😄  Day 3 was a little harder, but even then I did make some better choices than I would have previously – the old me would have inhaled that whole go-nut, but I shared this time 😝

Even though much of the trip we were in the car (it’s about a 3 n half hour trip with stops from Auckland to Rotorua), I still achieved my 10k steps everyday 😃  I was still tired at the end of the day, but, I do think if I had not been consistently getting 10k steps every day for the last 4 weeks, I would have not been able to do the walking we did.  Not easily anyway 😄

Unfortunately, I didn’t stick to the plan of drinking my water everyday, and I can really feel it atm 😟 I can tell that I’m dehydrated.

Surprisingly, even though I thought I’d not stuck to the low carb WOE strictly and would gain all my weight back, I only had a 300gm weight gain – much better than I thought!

The plan for this week is to get back on the low carb WOE, and to continue adding to my exercise each day.

So how’d your week 5 go? Did you find it harder or easier to stick to the plan with the kids at home? 😃