• iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier

    iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier Review

    I’m a HUGE fan of babywearing. When both my kids were born, they were both terrible sleepers & very colicky babies (now I know it’s a milk/lactose intolerance but you live & learn aye 😊). Naptimes were non-existent, and with my daughter even night sleeps were terrible.  The only way I could get anything done around the house, and have her sleep, was to carry her around. Even putting her in a car seat was terrible.  So, to save my arms & shoulders, plus have my hands free to do things with my toddler, I tried a baby carrier.  And I tried a few!   Anyone who’s ever tried any…


    Munch Lunch Coolers Review

    Growing up in South Africa, it was hot. It didn’t matter what time of year it was; the highs in summer were upward of 33 degrees and even in winter the lows stayed around 21 degrees. So school lunchtime for us was pretty much the same for everyone around us – sandwiches, fruit & if you were lucky a baked sweet treat. Being Indian, the sandwiches almost always had curry in them. Fast forward 20 years, and I now have my own kids. Lunchtimes in New Zealand seem to be very different from what I’ve seen online. No more is it just basic sandwiches and fruit. A kids lunchbox now seems…