MudMates Swim Bag Review

MudMates Swim Bag Review

I love almost everything about summer! The long days of sunshine, the warmth, the easy bbq dinners – the list can go on and on 😃  There are some things though I could do without – in particular, school summer sports 😥 It’s not that I don’t like my kids getting out there and tiring themselves out 😝, but it’s the endless nagging that comes with kids taking more stuff to school.

See, Alex started his first full year of school this year.  So he started the year with a bag, a book bag, a lunchbox and a water bottle.  At least 90% of the time, we forget at least one of these things on a daily basis.  He is a typical 6 year old, whose mind is more on his next bit of play rather than bringing home all his things.  Which I get – I was young once too 😝

Then came P.E and we added another lot of things to remember.  Three terms down, and we’re finally at the point when he can remember the checklist of things to bring home at the end of the day.  Yay!  So of course, life had to throw something else in the mix 😝

At my son’s school, summer time means pool time. Which is great in a way, but for me it just means more things to lose *sigh* .  Last summer term, he even managed to lose his undies! Honestly, I don’t even know how to this day – all he had to do was throw it in his gym bag! Then there were the days of bringing someone else’s gym bag home or someone taking his home.  All the bags have iron on labels on them, but of course what 5 year old checks right?
So this term, I had an idea.  See? Not just a pretty face 😁 I’d gps track everything the boy owns so nothing ever went missing again.  Just kidding 😝 Ok maybe half kidding.. I think one day that might work, right?  For now though, a reusable personalised swim bag is the next best thing.



MudMates Personalised Swim Bag
MudMates Personalised Swim Bag

Sometime ago, in the business hotseat, we spoke to Alana from MudMatesMudMates started off making waterproof coveralls & overpants for wet and messy play.  Well she had another great idea – personalised swim bags! I guess a mum understands what other mums want right? First less washing, and now a water resistant/water repellant drawstring bag with your kids name on it!  So Alana seemed to hear my thoughts & she asked if I’d like to try one out – to which I obviously said yes!


So this multipurpose drawstring bag is made from water resistant and water repellent material.  Not only can you use it as a swim bag, they’re great at keeping muddy rugby boots away from everything else, or even keeping library books safe as they should be.  The bags come in a few different colour options plus you have a colour option for the name personalisation (if you choose to do that).


So far we think they’re pretty awesome.  Our bag does double duty during the week – swim bag & P.E on alternative days, and doesn’t even look like a 6 year old boy has had his hands on it.  It hasn’t cracked or peeled at all, unlike some book bags we’ve had.  It’s easy to find at home time, and it’s made it home everyday (with everything in it!!).
Personally, I think it’s a good buy, as it’s something Alex will probably use in some way for the rest of his schooling life.   Now if only all my problems were this easily solved 😝



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Thank you to MudMates for providing the review product.  As always all opinions in this post are entirely my own :)