Caprese Stick Canape

Day 5: Caprese Sticks

A great, easy, no-cook, make ahead, summer canapé.



  • Bite size Tomatoes (I’ve used grape or cherry)
  • Cheese (Caprese generally uses mozzarella or bocconcini, but I’ve used camembert because its more readily available, cheaper & most importantly, my kids eat it)
  • Fresh basil leaves



  • Cut the cheese you have chosen into cubes or pieces of similar size to your tomatoes
  • Cut each tomato in half
  • Thread the tomato, cheese & basil onto a food pick or skewer in the  following order: Basil, top half of tomato, cheese, bottom half of tomato
  • Arrange on a platter


Enjoy! 🙂



  • As with all my 12 days of Canapés recipes, the ingredients are just a list of all the products I used to do this.  Feel free to chop & change for your favourite brands 🙂




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