Family Traditions


Blending is almost always difficult ; be it your “traditional blended family” i.e 2 single parents with children coming together as a family, or blending by race/religion/culture. For my wee family, it’s a matter of the latter.

See, I’m South African Indian and hubby is NZ European. Our race, religions and the culture we were brought up with are different. Yet we are very similar. So that our kids grow up with an understanding of both backgrounds, and I guess to show respect to each other’s ways, traditions are important to us.

With our kids being so young (4 & 1), our traditions have evolved around them. When my son was younger, we started “Pancake Saturday” which ran for a few months until we thankfully for our waistlines gave up.

Some traditions were included that had started way before we had even met. When hubby was younger, his family had a Friday night fish-n-chips tradition, so this was included in our traditions albeit once a fortnight. A nice time to relax, unwind from the working week, and eat dinner with the kids in front of the TV. For me, the standout tradition in my childhood was one of going for a drive to the beach, usually on the Sunday after doing the weekly shopping, with a freshly baked sponge cake courtesy of mum and a bottle of orange Fanta. The only time we were allowed fizzy 🙂 This tradition I hope to continue with my kids.

Some traditions have a more religious or cultural background. I grew up celebrating Diwali, and some of our traditions are centered around this time. Hubby grew up celebrating Christmas, and we have traditions at Christmas time; like spending Christmas morning at home with the kids before the rush of the day, or purchasing one new Christmas ornament every Christmas.

As the kids get older, our traditions will change, evolve I guess, to acknowledge the fact that our family is getting older.

But, having traditions will always be important, so that the kids grow up with a sense of belonging. Hopefully they will choose to continue 🙂

Does your family have any traditions? Are there any traditions you had as a child, that you would like continue with your children? Do you think traditions are important?



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