Two very scary words

    As parents of two under 5, and a ridiculous mortgage in Auckland, going out without the kids is somewhat non existent. Yes, we try n go out once in a while alone but at this stage, for us, we both prefer to do things with the kids. Parks, sightseeing, travelling; it’s all kids based. We figure we might as well make some great memories before they’re both teenagers and want to hang out with their friends rather than us oldies 🙂 Plus there’s always something to do, or someone sick, when you have kids. So over the last 4ish years, we’ve become slightly hermit-ish. Especially in those pregnancy months cos…

  • BlackBox

    Kids Campaign BlackBox

    Yay! Another BlackBox – albeit in a brown box this time 😛 Lots of new things to try in this one – Thanks BlackBoxNZ 🙂   Arnott’s Cruskits Light Not quite a new product for us, as the original Cruskits was another lifesaver with gestational diabetes 🙂 With just two of the crackers and a variety of toppings, I always had something for lunch on had that didn’t make my numbers go sky high. Was also great with a spread of crunchy peanut butter for those days were there was no appetite 🙂 The lite version was no different really, and even the kids enjoyed it. Was great to have…


    Amelia’s 1!

    So unlike her big brother, Amelia decided enough was enough, and she was missing out on the fun, 4 days before her actual due date. Which wasn’t too bad, as it was only 4 days out, but she arrived in record time (10 mins!) 🙂 And since then my little munchkin has been on the go go go! Rolling at 4 months, crawling at 7, walking at 11 months! No wonder her mother has so many grey hairs 😛 But now before I know it she’s 1. 1! I know it’s a cliché but I have no idea where the time has gone. Its kinda happy and sad for me.…

  • minion cupcakes

    Alex turns 4!

    It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital willing this child to get out!  😛 Those four days went slower than the past 4 years; but I guess, as the saying goes,  time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 In the last 4 years, I’ve watched my little baby boy grow into a smart, funny, polite young man. I’m immensely proud of him and the skills he has managed to master already. I mean this little monkey can read already! I’m glad I’ve been fortunate enough to be home with him & I’ve enjoyed his journey so far and know he will go far 🙂 And before I…


    Me & You Tauranga Cafe review

    Got taken here, for a Saturday morning brunch, by my sister on our recent trip to Tauranga.   Her and my brother, who live in Tauranga, go here every Saturday morning and I can see why.   Service was friendly and fast (despite it being VERY popular). Decor not entirely child friendly, however, did see a high chair being carried around after the fact.  Sat outside, as the indoor seating left was not great for a 4 year old or carrying a 10 month old whilst eating (high bar stools). Food was fresh and well cooked.  Happy to see that there was a lot that my 4 year old could enjoy (ended…

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    My First BlackBox!

    OMG! OMG! OmG!  Got our my first BlackBox 🙂   So many kewl new things to try (and a few old things in a new form).  Took us a couple of days to get through most of it, and that’s without trying lol Thanks #BlackBoxNZ ! (sampleco.co.nz)   Chop!Chop! Chicken (Lite Mayo) I remember when this first came out.  It was a case of should I/shouldn’t I. Fish in a can – Fine… Chicken? Bit weird? Didn’t want to buy a whole can to chuck it in the bin; not that it’s too expensive, I just hate throwing out good food; so was happy to see this in my BlackBox.  Did…