iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier

iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier Review

I’m a HUGE fan of babywearing. When both my kids were born, they were both terrible sleepers & very colicky babies (now I know it’s a milk/lactose intolerance but you live & learn aye 😊). Naptimes were non-existent, and with my daughter even night sleeps were terrible.  The only way I could get anything done around the house, and have her sleep, was to carry her around. Even putting her in a car seat was terrible.  So, to save my arms & shoulders, plus have my hands free to do things with my toddler, I tried a baby carrier.  And I tried a few!


Anyone who’s ever tried any baby carrier can attest there’s good ones & terrible ones! I’ve had a few terrible ones, which now sit in the cupboard as I can’t bring myself to inflict them on any other hapless soul.  So when I was given the opportunity by KiwiMummyBlogs to review a new baby carrier on the market, I jumped at the chance. I mean I’ve had a few terrible carriers, so hopefully my reviewing one will help someone not buy something as horrible as I did  (cos they’re NOT cheap!).


For me the iAngel baby carrier fits the “good carrier” bill. Yes, despite it not being as cheap as some of the unstructured carriers on the market, the structured iAngel carrier would probably sit in my top 5 carriers 😊 Here’s some reasons  why:


  • It’s not just a baby carrier. It’s for up to 36 months or 20kgs, and can be a frontpack, backpack or hip seat! So you’re covered for at least 3 years! Which is great for those farmers or craft market days (or even just supermarket trips!) with an escape artist toddler who doesn’t want to sit in a stroller.


  • As it’s a structured baby carrier, it’s better for baby, because it forces a “frog leg” seating position which we’ve all been told is better for baby’s hips. The hip seat is good for mum too! (Wish I’d had it with master 4.5!). It also comes with everything you might need in the box! So no extras to buy, unless you really want to 😛


  • Even though it’s a structured pack, it folds smaller easily enough to hide away in a backpack or carry in your hands to the park for the toddler than insists she’s old enough to walk there but not back!


  • Well made. The stitching seems very strong and the straps well padded.  I’m not a slight person (haha), and the straps were long enough to get around me comfortably. The fabric seems easy clean, which is GREAT when you have a super spilly baby.  I’ve not washed it as yet, but  definitely think it would survive doing this a fair bit.


  • It’s not the worst carrier I’ve had to put on myself! Lol we’ve all had those carriers where you need 10 arms to get anywhere.


I’ve only had the pack a short while, and my trialist is 18 months old, but I like it so far for short trips around town 😊 There’s only thing I could see being a pain; with a tall wee one in a structured front pack, it might not be too easy to do a “sneaky hidden feed” on the go.  If you do get a chance to try this out, do let me know, and I’ll update this with your comments 😊






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