• #FreshStart Week 3 Update

    #FreshStart Week 3 Update

    Week 3 was better than week 2 – not great, but better 😝    Foodwise, it seemed alot easier.  I didn’t see chocolate bars or muffins swimming before my eyes 😝, and even managed to stick to the low carb woe for 95% of my meals (which is better than I was aiming for).  With my water intake, I’m finding it easier to get through my 3x 750ml bottles, even if it isn’t making the toilet stops any less frequent 😝    Still going strong on the 10k steps a day, even getting to 13k one day! Yay me! I’m also finding I’m not dead tired by the time I…

  • #FreshStart Week 2 Update

    #FreshStart Week 2 Update

    To be honest, #freshstart week 2 was HARD! You know in the cartoons when the character is so hungry, that everyone around them turns into food? Yeah well that was kinda me.. Not that I was hungry, far from it infact, but it was like every biscuit or muffin or chocolate was calling my name. Lol. Btw, I’m nowhere near saintly when it comes to food.  There’s no way you’d see me exchanging chocolate for cacao nibs or yelling from the rooftops about chia smoothie breakfast bowls – not that I’m saying it’s bad if you do, but I’m just saying it’s not for me.  I’m all about moderation &…

  • It's been one week - #freshstart

    It’s been one week since…

    I can’t say this last week of my #freshstart has been difficult, but I definitely can’t say its been a walk in the park.  Well, I really can’t say it’s been a walk in the park cos all it’s done is RAIN in typical Auckland spring weather 😭, making going to the park a difficult task. So now that I’ve got my weather complaints off my chest, I figure I better update you guys on how I’m doing.  As I said in my first blog post, I mainly have 3 changes I need/want to make over the next 3 months. Eating Right: Being a little warmer I’m finding this isn’t…

  • A Good Day for a FreshStart

    It’s a Good Day for a #FreshStart

    If you’ve got kids, you’ll know how much I dislike winter.  Not because of how cold it is (tbh it could be even a little warmer and less wet!), but because of all the bugs it seems to bring with it.  It’s only when you actually become a parent, that you can appreciate how many bugs you didn’t pick up as an adult.  It sometimes seems that kids pickup each and every bug there is, and as the caring sharing souls they are, pass it on to you.   After weeks of either being nurse or patient or both at once, in the mental fog that comes with lack of…

  • 6 Tried Tested Ways to Soothe a Child's Cough

    6 Tried & Tested Ways to Soothe a Child’s Cough

    Eventually you get to a stage in your adult life, where you can say, great I’ve had every cold there is and I’ve gained immunity so I should get only one a year (if that).   That is, until you have kids! In order for them to build up their immunity they, of course, will pick up EVERY cold & cough known to man! Well it sure feels that way! Which usually means you might too 😞  Unfortunately for my kids, they seem to have picked up my ability to keep the cough way after the cold is done.   If you’re that mum who is being driven crazy by…

  • Rosie's World

    Rosie’s World – A Farmtastic Educational Website

    As I wrote in a previous post, “Why Screen Time is Good for Kids“, one of the great things about pairing kids and technology these days is education. There’s no shortage of knowledge out on the Internet, but like any other parent, I’m always wary of Internet safety.  This week I was guided to a safe and fun NZ site (www.rosiesworld.co.nz) where kids could learn about dairying.  So I decided to let my 5 year old loose on the site and he had a blast!  I mean, we live in surburbia, so the chance of him even seeing a cow is highly impossible for the moment 😛 Rosie’s World introduces…