#FreshStart Week 3 Update

#FreshStart Week 3 Update

Week 3 was better than week 2 – not great, but better 😝

Foodwise, it seemed alot easier.  I didn’t see chocolate bars or muffins swimming before my eyes 😝, and even managed to stick to the low carb woe for 95% of my meals (which is better than I was aiming for).  With my water intake, I’m finding it easier to get through my 3x 750ml bottles, even if it isn’t making the toilet stops any less frequent 😝

Still going strong on the 10k steps a day, even getting to 13k one day! Yay me! I’m also finding I’m not dead tired by the time I do get those 10k, which is a big change since week 1.  I’ve also added in a small full upper body workout, which I’ve managed to do 3 times this week.  Due to this I’m finding I’m sore in places I’ve forgotten muscles existed 😂

Whilst according to Nikki’s plan I’m not to take any measurements until week 4 is over, and rightly so, but I can already see a huge difference in how my clothes fit me.  Just quietly, between the two of us, I’m actually looking forward to taking my measurements after 4 weeks and even going clothing shopping 😝

Looking forward to week 4, I’m trying to continue eating in the low carb woe & keeping up my water intake.  Along with the usual 10k steps, and upper body workout, I’d like to add a few more thousand steps which won’t be too hard seeing as it’s school holidays 😝  On the downside, it’s school holiday so the urge to throw back a few chocolate bars will be great 😝

So how’d your week 3 go? Do you think you’re ready to take on week 4 with the kids in tow? 😝