• We're Going on a Bear Hunt

    We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Book Review

    ​Books have always been a big part of my kids lives, starting from a very young age. We’re going on a bear hunt was the first bedtime book ever bought for Master A.  Well actually it was bought by myself for DH as his first Father’s Day present, as he remembered reading it as an older kid.  From about 3 months old, it was the only bedtime book that Master A had.  As he grew older and could say more words, he would join in with daddy to make the various sounds in the book (talk about heart melting cuteness 😍). The book starts with a family going on a…

  • Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

    Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Book Review

    ​Like alot of little boys, Master A LOVED anything to do with construction and construction machinery. It didn’t help that when he was 3 months old we moved into a new place opposite a construction site. With the big dump trucks and huge trucks with diggers on board, Master A was entertained daily, when he was 2, just by sitting at our big front window watching the trucks etc go by.  On any drive we took he was quick to point out any diggers on the roadside, making sure mum knew the difference between an excavator and a bulldozer (I’ve heard the phrase “it’s not a digger mum” ALOT! lol).…

  • iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier

    iAngel Fleur Baby Carrier Review

    I’m a HUGE fan of babywearing. When both my kids were born, they were both terrible sleepers & very colicky babies (now I know it’s a milk/lactose intolerance but you live & learn aye 😊). Naptimes were non-existent, and with my daughter even night sleeps were terrible.  The only way I could get anything done around the house, and have her sleep, was to carry her around. Even putting her in a car seat was terrible.  So, to save my arms & shoulders, plus have my hands free to do things with my toddler, I tried a baby carrier.  And I tried a few!   Anyone who’s ever tried any…


    Munch Lunch Coolers Review

    Growing up in South Africa, it was hot. It didn’t matter what time of year it was; the highs in summer were upward of 33 degrees and even in winter the lows stayed around 21 degrees. So school lunchtime for us was pretty much the same for everyone around us – sandwiches, fruit & if you were lucky a baked sweet treat. Being Indian, the sandwiches almost always had curry in them. Fast forward 20 years, and I now have my own kids. Lunchtimes in New Zealand seem to be very different from what I’ve seen online. No more is it just basic sandwiches and fruit. A kids lunchbox now seems…

  • BlackBox

    Kids Campaign BlackBox

    Yay! Another BlackBox – albeit in a brown box this time 😛 Lots of new things to try in this one – Thanks BlackBoxNZ 🙂   Arnott’s Cruskits Light Not quite a new product for us, as the original Cruskits was another lifesaver with gestational diabetes 🙂 With just two of the crackers and a variety of toppings, I always had something for lunch on had that didn’t make my numbers go sky high. Was also great with a spread of crunchy peanut butter for those days were there was no appetite 🙂 The lite version was no different really, and even the kids enjoyed it. Was great to have…

  • BlackBox

    My First BlackBox!

    OMG! OMG! OmG!  Got our my first BlackBox 🙂   So many kewl new things to try (and a few old things in a new form).  Took us a couple of days to get through most of it, and that’s without trying lol Thanks #BlackBoxNZ ! (sampleco.co.nz)   Chop!Chop! Chicken (Lite Mayo) I remember when this first came out.  It was a case of should I/shouldn’t I. Fish in a can – Fine… Chicken? Bit weird? Didn’t want to buy a whole can to chuck it in the bin; not that it’s too expensive, I just hate throwing out good food; so was happy to see this in my BlackBox.  Did…