We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Book Review

​Books have always been a big part of my kids lives, starting from a very young age. We’re going on a bear hunt was the first bedtime book ever bought for Master A.  Well actually it was bought by myself for DH as his first Father’s Day present, as he remembered reading it as an older kid.  From about 3 months old, it was the only bedtime book that Master A had.  As he grew older and could say more words, he would join in with daddy to make the various sounds in the book (talk about heart melting cuteness 😍).

The book starts with a family going on a bear hunt (aptly named book, I know! ).  The same first two verses are repeated throughout the book, with the family getting into various obstacles along the way.  The illustrations are cutely drawn, and show how the family deal with each obstacle.  The wording for the obstacles include lots of repetitive sounds that are fun for the kids (and hubby! lol) to make.  The book ends with the bear being found!

If read with lots of vigour and giggles like in my house, the book may not always be a great bedtime book 😛. It is a great interactive book, however, and helps relax the kids after a long day.  As the book ends with everyone under the covers, it worked for us as a bedtime book 🙂


Title:  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Text:  Michael Rosen

Illustrations:  Helen Oxenbury

This book was reviewed as part of our favourite book series for June 2016.  To see the other books picked for June 2016, go here.






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