• Homemade Chicken Katsu

    Homemade Chicken Katsu Recipe

    It’s hard to pick what cuisine we would rate as the family favourite in our household.  So far we’re big fans of indian (no surprises there! :P), mexican, italian, chinese, japanese to name but a few.  If you’ve had a look around the blog at the various recipes, you’ll probably find a mix of “fusion” type recipes; as I really enjoy mixing different things to make it our own. One big favourite with the kids, and is SO easy to put together, is the Chicken Katsu; served with sushi rice, edamame beans & coleslaw drizzled with kewpie mayo (ohemgee yum!).  The Katsu sauce is purchased from our local JapanMart as…

  • Eggy Road - Easter Rocky Road

    Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road

    Rocky Road – A perfect sweet treat, perfect size for a lunchbox, made with just about anything you want to throw in 🙂  In my Easter version – Eggy Road, I’ve added in Marshmallow & speckled eggs to “easter-fy” it 😛 Of course, you can leave out the nuts if you want it nut-free, use a darker chocolate base if you’re brave enough (I’ve heard Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana is pretty good), or change up any of the ingredients.   Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road Ingredients: 2 x King Size Blocks Whittaker’s 50% Cacao Dark Block 1/2 cup marshmallows 1/2 cup speckled eggs 8 jelly snakes 1/2 cup Maltesers…

  • Easter Chocolate Bark

    Easter Chocolate Bark Recipe

    The best part of the beginning of every year is how much chocolate I get to eat 😛  First its Valentine’s Day, then my birthday and then EASTER! And, who doesn’t love Easter chocolate! Speckled eggs, marshmallow eggs, chocolate bunnies.  These days the sales for Easter chocolate seem to start earlier & earlier, which is great for a chocoholic like me 😛 This is a great recipe to use up any “left-over” chocolate eggs (haha, yeah I know right? left-over?).   Ingredients: 1 King Size block Whittaker’s White Chocolate half cup of speckled eggs half cup of M&M speckled eggs rainbow sprinkles   Method: Pop 3/4 of the block of…

  • Chicken & Corn Cupcakes

    Chicken & Corn Cupcakes with Sriracha Frosting

    It all started with a mince & cheese styled birthday cake.  It didn’t have mince or cheese in it, wasn’t a pie & was definitely a cake 🙂  I’ve always enjoyed making & styling cakes, and for as long as we’ve been married I’ve almost always done a different cake for DH.  From pac-man to pies, it’s always been a sweet treat.  This year, however, DH issued me a challenge without actually thinking he had 😛 He happened to mention, at some point before his birthday, that he’d never seen anyone do savoury cupcakes with icing/frosting.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED said my brain 😛 Timing, however, wasn’t on his side.  With his…

  • Easy Dairy Free Scone Recipes

    Easy Dairy Free Scones

    I’ll start off by saying I’m TERRIBLE at making plain scones.  My previous attempts could, and should, have been classed as weapons or doorstops ; that’s how hard they were.  I’ve been told it’s probably because I mix them too much, but I’m never sure how much is TOO much? I mean all the flour does need to be mixed in properly right? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter any more as these scones are SO easy to make! There’s no cutting of butter (cos there isn’t any) and not much chance of over mixing.  PLUS, it’s dairy free, egg-free & sugar-free!!  Which is great for me because I don’t have…

  • Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

    Day 12: Chocolate Dipped Fruit Cones

    I’m not usually a fan of both strawberries or watermelon.  Frankly, I think watermelon just tastes like nothing 😛 Add chocolate to both of these however, and they weren’t too bad.  The kids of course ate it all up – wish they’d eat their dinners as fast 😛 This canapé is kinda like a modern twist on the chocolate fondue.  There’s fruit, marshmellows and chocolate involved, & these make a great kids party dessert or even just a light dessert after dinner.   Ingredients: Fruit – I’ve used strawberries, watermelon & green grapes.  You can of course use any fruit you like but these were in season at the time…