Freakin' Hormones

Who is this child?! Freakin’ hormones…

Right. I get it. This parenting lark isn’t meant to be easy I know. But, seriously if anyone finds the manual for this 5 year old boy, please let me know!

It’s not that it’s been an easy road so far. After almost 3 years TTC, approx 8 months pregnant (and having GDM), 4 days in hospital being induced (apparently due to a GDM meaning he’d be a big baby. Ha!), we were blessed with the cutest tiniest bundle of a boy. While it got worse for a while; terrible feeding, about 8 months of “COLIC” (which we eventually found was lactose intolerance & reflux), and a STEEP learning curve; we finally got through it all. Even the “Terrible Two’s” or “Threenager” phase didn’t amount to much, possibly due to him being able to talk by about 1.5 years old.

So, yes we I got complacent. Soon after he turned 3, his little sister was born. Even this didn’t seem to throw too much of a spanner in the works, which we were glad for!

Now who the beep took my well mannered, helpful, intelligent, mainly sunny disposition child and replaced him with this wee thing whose moods change at the drop of a hat, which results in incoherent tantrums & tears for seemingly the tiniest things????

It started around the time he turned 4.5, but just in the last few weeks it’s been utter madness! At first, I thought it was just anxiety about starting school or him being overtired from school & swimming, because the flip in moods was so sudden.  Now, I’m convinced aliens have come & replaced him.

No seriously though, screw you hormones! Can’t wait till this phase ends. It ends right?!



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