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    The Nowhere Child, Christian White : Book Review

    It's no secret I will read almost anything in the crime/suspense/thriller/mystery genre 😛 For me, these books can generally be divided into 2 categories - predictable & omg I hope my kids sleep in cos I'm still reading at 3am 😛 The Nowhere Child by Christian White is DEFINITELY in the latter category! From the beginning of the book, you're drawn in, reading word after word faster & faster. Now, some bits are kinda predictable, however, having finished the book I'm assuming the author may have used this more of a ploy to catch you unaware - you think you know what's going to happen, but BAM! he hits you…

  • BabyBanz Noise Reducing Earmuffs Review INSM

    BabyBanz Noise Reducing Earmuffs Review

    Ever since I first met DH, we had a mutual interest in flying & planes – in particular WW2 era warbirds.  There is really nothing quite like sitting at our favourite spot at Ardmore, drinking coffee, listening & watching the planes go out & around. If we’re lucky we often got to see the WW2 era warbirds going out on flights. Fast forward a decade, or so 😝, and we’ve definitely passed on this interest to both our kids.  I still remember the first time my son saw a plane take off and the look of utter amazement on his face.  His favourite plane has always been the yellow Harvard…

  • WOOP - Chicken Roulade

    World On Our Plate Review

    ​If you’ve been on my Facebook or Instagram lately, you’ll know something major has happened in the imnotsupermum household in the last few weeks. No I’m not pregnant (hell no! Lol), my big boy has turned 5 and has started school! Waaaa! Like a lot of mums I know, I am not a morning person. So add making lunches and homework to the already long list of things to do before leaving home at 8.15AM, and I’m a blabbering mess at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, dinner can’t be magically pulled out of the fridge/freezer (I’ve tried) and takeaways every night just seemed a bit ridiculous and not entirely…