• Beetroot Jelly Red Velvet Trifle

    Beetroot Jelly Red Velvet Trifle

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of traditional dark Christmas cake.  After a full on lunch & dinner, the last thing I want to partake in is a huge slice of Christmas Cake full of dried fruit.  Plus all that dried fruit can have rather .. ummm… interesting affects on one’s stomach 😛 I prefer the lighter Christmas dessert of trifle, which is usually made with jelly, custard, sponge cake and a bit of booze :P, but this is my version for this year.  I’ve used a ready made red velvet cake, which cut down on my prep time, and made a beetroot jelly out of prepackaged beetroot…

  • FunScreen Sunscreen - Business Hot-Seat

    Hot-Seat : FunScreen Sunscreen + Giveaway

    As with many mums these days, if I’m not running after the kids or doing household chores, I’m online. Whilst social media can be a great waster of time, it’s also a great way to find out more about what’s happening around me. Cos, let’s face it, these days if it’s not on social media it didn’t happen 😛 I’ve been lucky enough to meet many members from the talented mum & dads club. Some in real life, but most in the online world. In the Business Hot-Seat series, I hope to introduce you to some of these innovative and talented people. P.S If you’d like to be featured in…

  • FunScreen Sunscreen - Ready for the Sun

    FunScreen Sunscreen Review

    ​Growing up in South Africa us kids never really bothered about sunscreen for a few reasons.  One, we were already brown, so going from light brown to darker brown in summer wasn’t really an issue lol. Two, any sunscreen we might have had would have been sweated off faster than you could apply it. And three, most importantly, the sun didn’t burn you like it does in New Zealand. With New Zealand having some of the harshest sun conditions, and the highest rate of melanomas, sunscreen really is a must though, so I definitely wouldn’t encourage doing the same as I did 🙂  It is for these reasons that I…

  • Dinosaurs in the Garden

    Dinosaurs in the Gardens – Auckland Botanic Gardens Event

    ​Yes, you’ve read that right! 😛 Dinosaurs have arrived in Auckland & we went to investigate 😜 In typical Auckland fashion, neither the traffic or the weather came to the party, but we arrived with plenty of time before our 3pm session.  The Dinosaur Encounter is done outdoors, so don’t forget to carry a rain jacket or umbrella just in case 🙂 Thankfully for us the rain held off until we were on our way home. The encounter starts with the lovely lady, who was enthusiastic despite the weather, introducing the concept of going back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed.  It is very interactive for the kids, but…

  • Every Dark Corner - Karen Rose Blog Tour

    Book Review : Every Dark Corner – Karen Rose

    Every Dark Corner Synopsis: When FBI Special Agent Griffin ‘Decker’ Davenport wakes from a coma, he immediately thinks of two things: first, the ring of human traffickers he’s spent the past three years undercover to bring down was just the tip of the iceberg; second, the brown eyes he sees upon waking belong to a woman he trusts to help him finish the job he started. FBI Special Agent Kate Coppola’s mission is to stop the growing menace of domestic human trafficking, starting with the customers and suppliers of the now-broken Cincinnati trafficking ring. Decker’s new revelation is her worst nightmare – one of the traffickers’ customers is acquiring teens…

  • Happy Birthday to imnotsupermum

    I’m NOT SuperMum Turns 1!! + Giveaway (Week 2)

    imnotsupermum.com started off, almost a year ago, as a way for me to write about the things we did when the kids were young, ideally to prove to them that they did do things and go places as kids 😛 Mummy brain still hasn’t left me – even with my youngest being 2! Now imnotsupermum.com is also about the other things I love – books, tech, food etc – cos I figured out I’m not SuperMum and I can’t/shouldn’t have everything revolve around the kids forever, right? 🙂 This month I’m happy to say, after many starts, I’ve finally been blogging for a whole year!!! 🎂 To celebrate, I’ve asked…