• Apricot, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark

    Apricot, Pumpkin Seed, Coconut Dark Chocolate Bark

    Let’s face it – even on a low carb diet I want some treats 😝  This hits the spot perfectly, and there aren’t too many carbs… As long as you don’t devour the whole thing in one sitting 😂   You can use any combination of seeds and dried fruit.  I just chose this combination as it’s lower carb, but have done it with dried cranberries before and it’s A+.  Again, with the chocolate I chose to use 72% Dark Ghana chocolate, but you can use milk or darker depending on how “healthy” you want to be 😃   Ingredients: 1 x 250g 72% Cocoa Dark Ghana Chocolate bar Half…

  • Eggy Road - Easter Rocky Road

    Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road

    Rocky Road – A perfect sweet treat, perfect size for a lunchbox, made with just about anything you want to throw in 🙂  In my Easter version – Eggy Road, I’ve added in Marshmallow & speckled eggs to “easter-fy” it 😛 Of course, you can leave out the nuts if you want it nut-free, use a darker chocolate base if you’re brave enough (I’ve heard Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana is pretty good), or change up any of the ingredients.   Eggy Road – Easter Rocky Road Ingredients: 2 x King Size Blocks Whittaker’s 50% Cacao Dark Block 1/2 cup marshmallows 1/2 cup speckled eggs 8 jelly snakes 1/2 cup Maltesers…