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    Another Step in My #FreshStart Journey

    Life’s a funny thing. As a child you don’t really think about the things happening around you.  All you’re concerned about are the things you find interesting. To be fair though, as a parent you tend not to burden your kids minds with adult thoughts and worries. Emigrating to New Zealand as a 16 year old was a tough task, as it would be for any teenager.  It’s not until years later as a parent, that I now really understand what a daunting task it would have been for my parents.  They packed everything up, sold what they needed to, and headed off to the relative unknown with three kids.…

  • Rosie's World

    Rosie’s World – A Farmtastic Educational Website

    As I wrote in a previous post, “Why Screen Time is Good for Kids“, one of the great things about pairing kids and technology these days is education. There’s no shortage of knowledge out on the Internet, but like any other parent, I’m always wary of Internet safety.  This week I was guided to a safe and fun NZ site (www.rosiesworld.co.nz) where kids could learn about dairying.  So I decided to let my 5 year old loose on the site and he had a blast!  I mean, we live in surburbia, so the chance of him even seeing a cow is highly impossible for the moment 😛 Rosie’s World introduces…