• English Muffin Chicken Pizza

    Day 4: English Muffin Chicken Pizza

    Do you know the muffin man, The muffin man, the muffin man, Do you know the muffin man, Who lives in Drury Lane?   The good ol’ english muffin.  So versatile it can be sweet or savoury.  It’s used as a base for one of the best brunch dishes (Eggs Benedict), can be eaten with lots of strawberry jam or great even with just butter YUMMY.  It is most used around here, as a quick easy pizza base – great when hubby forgets to take out the meat for dinner from the freezer Swear it wasn’t me 😛   Ingredients: English Muffins Watties Pizza Sauce Crushed Pineapple – canned Tegel…

  • BlackBox

    Kids Campaign BlackBox

    Yay! Another BlackBox – albeit in a brown box this time 😛 Lots of new things to try in this one – Thanks BlackBoxNZ 🙂   Arnott’s Cruskits Light Not quite a new product for us, as the original Cruskits was another lifesaver with gestational diabetes 🙂 With just two of the crackers and a variety of toppings, I always had something for lunch on had that didn’t make my numbers go sky high. Was also great with a spread of crunchy peanut butter for those days were there was no appetite 🙂 The lite version was no different really, and even the kids enjoyed it. Was great to have…